What to do next


Keep it clean

  • No touching! We know you want to feel that silky smooth skin but our hands have germs and that is the last thing you want on your freshly sugared skin.

  • Showering is totally fine after your treatment but we recommend waiting 2 hours and using warm, not hot water. Please avoid baths, pools, hot tubs, and saunas 24 hours post sugaring.

Keep it simple

  • We have applied a soothing spray to your skin and that is all it needs.

  • During your treatment the sugar removed the hair and the dead skin so you do not need to exfoliate for 2-3 days.

  • To reduce the chance of irritation do not use any creams, oils, or lotions for 24 hours

  • Avoid tanning beds(always) and direct sunlight for 24 hours... and don’t forget your sunscreen!

Take it easy

  • Working out is a no no. Your sweat is full of bacteria and we want the area to stay clean. Please wait 24 hours until your next workout.

  • While you probably want to share your smooth bare skin with a special someone, remember friction and perspiration can irritate the skin. It is recommended to wait 24 hours before any sexy time.