Thinking about getting


Here’s a little checklist to help you feel prepared!


So fresh and so clean

  • Your skin should be clean and free of any creams, oils, or lotions the day of your appointment.

  • Do not exfoliate the day of your sugaring treatment.

  • Please refrain from working out 2 hours prior to your treatment.

  • Sunburnt skin is to irritated and sensitive to be sugared

Let it Grow

  • Your hair should be 1/4”-1/2” in length. A good rule of thumb for this (because who measures their body hair) is to wait 10-14 days after shaving or 3-4 weeks after your last hair removal session.

  • Coming in too soon or with hair that is too short will not give you optimal results. We have 3 stages of hair growth and we want all those stages to be long enough to be removed to ensure you have the best results possible.

Just Breath

  • Is sugaring painful.. yes, all hair removal is. Our goal is to minimize that pain by applying pressure to the area being sugared and sharing breathing techniques that will help you to relax. Get excited.. most people see a reduction in hair growth after just the first session!!