What is the difference between sugaring and waxing?

Sugar paste is an all natural organic paste made from sugar, water and lemon that only adheres to your hair and dead skin cells. It goes on warm and is gently applied to the skin against the direction of the hair growth using a clean, gloved hand. While holding the skin taut, it is then flicked off in the direction of the hair growth. This method allows the hair to be removed from the root less painfully and with less irritation, resulting in fewer broken hairs and less ingrowns.

Wax products are made from resins and are a hybrid of natural ingredients and chemicals. It is often heated to a very high degree which can burn and irritate the skin. Unlike sugaring it is applied in the direction of the hair growth and removed against causing the hair to bend backwards resulting in more broken and ingrown hairs.



How long does my hair have to be to get sugared?

Your hair should be at least 1/4ā€ in length. A good rule of thumb is if the hair is able to lay flat on the skin. If it is still poking straight out you should wait a little longer. Waiting at least 2 weeks from your last shave will give you the best results.



What is the difference between a Bikini, Half Brazilian and a Brazilian?

Bikini Half Brazilian Brazilian


Can I get sugared when Iā€™m on my period?

Yes! As long as you are comfortable, we are comfortable. We just ask that you wear a tampon.



Does Sugaring hurt?

Simply put... yes. All hair removal methods are a little painful. However the pain reduces significantly after your first visit because the hair begins to come in softer and finer. As your hair gets weaker and more sparse the discomfort lessens



I am pregnant... is it safe to get sugared?

Many of our clients continue to get their bikini sugared while pregnant. In fact we get a lot of first time mamas making the switch to natural hair removal during this time. Of course every pregnancy is different so we recommend asking your doctor first.



Will my hair grow back darker and coarser?

Actually, exactly the opposite! The hair will grow back lighter and softer while some hairs will not grow back at all!



How often do you need to get sugared?

It does vary client to client because factors such as hormones, age, and lifestyle do play a part. However, most clients need to come about once a month. Do not shave in between treatments.



I have a big event/wedding coming up... how close to the event should I get sugared?

Irritation and reactions are very rare with sugaring however they are most common on the face. For all facial sugaring we always recommend getting the service done at least once prior to the event to be sure. For body sugaring, 2-4 days before the event is best.