The Benefits

100% Natural and Organic

Sugar, water, and lemon. Its so natural you can eat it!

Sugaring changes your hair… for the better!

Hairs become thinner, lighter & more sparse

Sugaring is very sanitary

Sugar cannot breed bacteria, so bacteria will not breed in the jar. No chance of cross contamination from double dipping since we use a clean gloved hand… every time.

Sugaring is a natural exfoliation for the skin

Our treatment can leave dry, dehydrated skin soft, smooth, and glowing. Sugaring can even brighten tattoos!


Less painful than traditional waxing

Sugar only adheres to the dead skin cells resulting in less irritation to your skin.

Sugar will never burn your skin

Sugar paste is used at a lukewarm temperature and will never burn your delicate skin.

Less broken hairs

With sugaring your hair is removed in the natural direction of hair growth resulting in less broken hairs and longer results.

Sugar is water-soluble

It will rinse clean with warm water and never stain your clothes

Barbara is the BEST! She is smart, fun, and full of interesting stories to share while working her sugar magic! I was a client for years while she was at Skin So Sweet, so I was happy to follow her to her new “spot”! She is meticulous, punctual, and delightful!
— JB